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FED UP: Swedish farmer shoots at visiting Muslim asylum seekers – police stand down


SWEDEN — While violence and tensions are growing in Europe, Swedish police are so busy that they don’t even have patrols to send to a shooting.

Although there came an alarm that asylum seekers had been shot at in a village in Jämtland, police never sent a patrol to the scene. The police regional command center in Umeå did not assess the incident to be acute.

So not even a shooting triggers the police in Sweden anymore.

– I can understand that it looks strange from the outside, said Pontus Fälldin (pictured), police chief and head of the operational activities in the region north, to Aftonbladet.

It was on Thursday evening last week that six asylum seekers came to the farm and into the yard allegedly to photograph animals, writes SVT Jämtland.

Then they were confronted by the farmer and a friend of his, who according to the police report went to attack with a rifle.

At least one shot was fired at the legs of one of the asylum seekers, a teenage girl, but it missed, and when they left the farm another teenage girl was punched in the face.

When the asylum seekers alerted the police, the police assessed the situation not to be urgent, and no police patrol was sent to the scene.

Pontus Fälldin says to Aftonbladet that he has reported the incident to the internal investigation.

– As I see it, there are two cases, the police investigation and attempted aggravated assault, ie the actual shooting, he said, and adds that he can’t investigate his own department.

But it seems remarkable not to send a


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