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Is your charity cash paying for THIS terrorist training camp?

BRITISH taxpayers have been sending money to a charity that allegedly funded a terrorist training base.


The compound in the north of the Gaza strip is maintained by Hamas – the militant Palestinian group identified as terrorists by Britain and the US.

But Israeli officials have alleged that the base is backed by funds funnelled from the charity World Vision – who receive money from the UK’s Department for International Development.

It is also believed the charity have received funds from the EU.

Australia has already banned funding for the charity, which helped those in need in the worst hit areas of the Middle East, over claims a senior charity official diverted tens of millions of pounds to funding terrorists.

And while the UK Department for International Development does not provide funds to the charity specifically for its work in Gaza, it is believed to have given World Vision UK £22million as part of its “programme partnership” arrangements.

It is unclear if any of these funds have found their way into the hands of Hamas.

The head of the charity in the Gaza Strip was charged by Israel for allegedly providing tens of millions of pounds in humanitarian


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