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Whoopise, Hillary’s Infamous Pantsuits Are Made in China and Bangladesh


Wednesday, Hillary Clinton told a large crowd that Donald Trump’s ties were not made in America.

Ironically, she did so in a PANTSUIT made in Bangladesh or China.

From The Hill:

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton stood in front of a clothing display at American-made Knotty Ties in Colorado. The image was to portray the message that Trump ties can be made in America.

“So, why does Donald Trump make his ties in China?” Clinton asked. She failed to mention that this company, Knotty Ties, predominantly hires Muslim refugees, which effectively steals all those so-called jobs from Americans.

Don’t you find it hypocritical that Clinton stands in front of a Colorado tie company (full of refugee non-American workers) to point out that Donald Trump makes his ties in China and suits in Mexico.

While she wears clothing from designers who manufacture most of theirs in China, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka? There was plenty of conversation


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