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Angry Danes form secret vigilante group to take on the Muslim ‘refugees’ that are causing chaos within Denmark


DENMARK — After several unpleasant incidents with asylum seekers recently, 185 men now go together and form a secret vigilante group to ensure peace and order. Local politicians fear the consequences.

‘The sydfynske gentlemen’ is the name of the new, secret group, according to TV2. The group currently counts 185 men. They have in common that they are angry with the episodes that have occurred recently.

Among other cases, the asylum center Tullebølle for unaccompanied refugee children, where several of the residents have been in the spotlight recently. It was here two young asylum seekers lived who are now charged with rape of a 16-year-old girl. And it was children from Tullebølle who took part in a mass brawl earlier this summer.

Also festivals and concerts have been visited by groups of asylum seekers who have surrounded young girls and sexually abused them.

The organizer of the vigilante group, Lasse Lind, says to TV2 that he is tired of how the authorities deal with the unrest. And with several major events coming up in the coming weeks he does not trust that the police can ensure the peace on their own.

“There’s going to be a lot of young girls who come to drink a lot, and my question is simply ‘could it happen again?,” says Lasse


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