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FBI Director Just BLASTED Obama’s Lie To The Entire Nation…We’ve Had Enough!


Barack Obama and his loyal supporters want you to believe that our hands are totally tied if someone on the terrorist watch list or the no-fly list walks into a gun store and wants to buy a gun. They want you to believe there is nothing that can be done to stop the transaction, but FBI Director James Comey just exposed Obama’s lie for the entire nation to see.

Comey was asked about this subject and you can bet the response he gave has embarrassed Obama, to say the least. The next time someone tells you this lie, put them in their place with these hard facts.


From Cain TV:

“Last week, our president stated that there are individuals who can’t get on planes, but they can go to a gun shop and buy a firearm there and he said ‘nothing we can do to stop them,’ but – and correct me if I’m wrong – the FBI is notified when someone on the terrorist watch list attempts to purchase a firearm, and a NICS [National Instant Criminal Background Check System] check is requested, and the FBI has multiple avenues that they can pursue,” Grassley said at the committee’s hearing on the oversight of the FBI.

“These are some of these avenues: delay the firearms transaction, and if the person is actually a terrorist, the FBI can arrest them for any crime for which there is probable cause, and in addition, the FBI can intervene and directly confront the individual. The FBI can also put the suspect on what’s called around-the-clock surveillance. My question: Aren’t these some of the tools available to the FBI to stop a suspected terrorist from buying a gun?” Grassley asked.

Mr. Chairman, you’re right,” said Comey. “There are a variety of things that we do when we are notified that someone on our known or suspected terrorist database is attempting to buy a firearm.

“The FBI is alerted when that


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