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Julian Assange: “Khizr Khan Was Found Within Hillary’s Email Server. Coming Soon!”


Now that Khizr Khan is done puffing his chest on the Democratic National Convention floor, he has almost vanished completely from this earth. Why? Because he has been exposed.

His son is an American hero, but Khizr Khan is not. Not only does Khan have strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, it was also recently discovered that he was involved in an illegal scheme where he got visas approved through immigration for millionaires in exchange for illegal goods.

Not only have we found out Khan runs a website promoting Sharia law, now we have discovered he is closely tied to Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was Secretary of State.

Yes, this story continues to get more and more interesting.

The screen grab above is tough to read, but let me explain.

Prior to Khan opening his own Law Office in New York, he spent nine years working for the global law firm Hogan & Hartson — now known as Hogan Lovells — in Washington, D.C.

In the screenshot above of the deleted website, Khan describes his tenure at Hogan & Hartson as managing the firm’s “Litigation Technology Services group,” for both domestic and international offices.

While Khan was the acting manager, his website is quoted saying, “he was responsible for numerous large electronic discovery projects in complex litigation, mergers an acquisitions.”

But wait, it gets better.

Hogan & Hartson (the firm in which Khan oversaw the Tech branch for nearly a decade) was the law firm who handled the patent for “SPAMTRAQ,” the spam-filtering program used on Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

SPAMTRAQ was developed by MX Logic, and has an extremely bad reputation for allowing servers to have security breaches.

Internet security expert Marc Perkel offered the following explanation:

“This system has serious security implications,” Perkel explained. “Email to McAfee’s servers might be encrypted and email out of McAfee might be encrypted, but while it’s at McAfee any employee who has


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