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Liberals Demanded Michael Phelps Give Up Flag Bearer Honor Because He’s White


Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was chosen by his teammates to be the flag bearer at the opening ceremonies in Rio Friday evening, and the liberals threw a fit, urging him to give up the honor to the runner-up.

Their reasons?  It was all to make a political statement.  Besides, he’s a “rich white guy.”

Kamau Bell, of CNN, wrote a public letter to Phelps on Thursday, requesting he “step aside” for Ibtihaj Muhammad, the runner-up in the vote, who is an African-American Muslim woman well known for wearing her hijab during her fencing matches. She is also well-known for speaking out against Donald Trump.

“No offense, but right now America has enough tall, successful, rich white guys hogging the spotlight trying to make America great … again,” Bell wrote.

Even before the vote, TIME was rooting for Muhammad to be chosen as the flag bearer, saying it would “offer a rebuttal to the storms brewing beyond the Olympic Village, not merely an escape.”  TIME said she represents the best of the nation, and “choosing her as a flag bearer is a chance to signal something even greater about what America stands for.”

In his letter to Phelps, Bell wrote, “It shouldn’t be a big deal for you to give up your spot. For one thing, according to the Los Angeles Times, the vote was close. So Muhammad must have lots of fans among the athletes. And also, let’s be real here, Michael. It’s not like you need the honor.  With 22 Olympic medals, you are already the most decorated athlete in Olympic history. You already know how America feels about you.”

And then Bell’s political correctness message really got to the point:

“Muhammad carrying the flag would be much bigger than your one moment. It would be a symbol for our country in this moment when we are mostly known for one of the most contentious, controversial, scandal-ridden, hateful, xenophobic, jingoistic, and just generally unlikeable presidential elections in recent memory. This is at a time when we could use some more symbols of unity and togetherness.”

“Muhammad carrying the flag would be nearly a one-stop inclusion shop. Muhammad is an African-American, hijab-wearing Muslim woman who is also a world class fencer. Those are all groups that could always use some more love, acceptance, and respect from this country.”

The Guardian jumped on board too, saying, “The image of a Muslim fencer leading more than 500 Americans into the world’s greatest sporting event would be a statement more potent than any of the invective spilling from Donald Trump’s curled lips.”

The Guardian said, “in any other year, Phelps would have been the perfect choice… but this is not any other Olympics in any other year… this is an


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