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Christian Mercenaries Enter Islamic Territories, Kill Muslim Terrorists In Order To Rescue Christians In Heroic Crusade Against Islam And The Persecution Of Christians

By Theodore Shoebat

There has been little attention on this, but Christian mercenaries have been entering Islamic terrorist territories, killing Muslim terrorists in order to defend Christians in a heroic Crusade against Islam and the persecution of Christians.

Christian mercenaries from Serbia, alongside Russian forces, have been fighting against ISIS and retaking very significant areas. After ISIS took Palmyra, it was Russian forces, with much help from Serbian Christian fighters, who really vanquished the terrorists and drove them out of the ancient city. While the media was saying that it was Syrian forces who retook Palmyra, behind the awareness of journalists, so few have acknowledged that it was Christian fighters, veterans who combated the Muslim Albanians in the Balkans, and faced the afflictions of Clinton’s imperialist administration, who have been fighting these Islamic terrorists, who are but mere creations of US policy in the Middle East.

The Russian newspaper, Fontanka, interviewed several of the mercenaries and obtained several documents showing that Serbian mercenaries have indeed been in Syria, and that they are led by a Bosnian Serb called Davor Dragolobovic Savicic. According to the same source, the mercenaries are part of a private company called Wagner, and that they were hired by Russia to assist in fighting in Syria.  Savicic told Fontanka that he did not participate in fighting in Syria, but Fontanka states that they have documentation proving that he was seen in a training camp in the Russian town of Molkinowhere a number of Wagner-contracted fighters were deployed to Syria.

According to some of the mercenaries interviewed by Fontanka, Savicic was highly esteemed by his superiors for his martial prowess and extensive experience in combat, and was even given the nickname Wolf





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