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Iran Stuns Obama…


After months of negotiations, the Obama administration signed what was known as the “Iran Nuclear Deal” — but it might as well have been called the “Iran Nuclear Gift.”

In the deal, Iran gets a “heads up” nearly a month in advance before anyone can inspect its nuclear facilities, which you’d think practically defeats the purpose of the deal. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits being showered on Iran. It was common to hear Iran would benefit more than $150 billion from the deal, in assets being unfrozen as a result. That was slightly misleading, as some of their assets are tied up in debts, but the Obama administration still puts the figure for the net benefit Iran received at $55 billion.

Since then, Iran has captured and detained ten of our sailors, celebrated the 37th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution with a parade mocking that capture, and charged us a ransom of $400 million for four of our hostages in their custody. What a nice bunch.


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