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JOB DONE: Public protest forces German city to remove Muslim refugees and backtrack on migrant center

A WAVE of anti-refugee protests has forced authorities in a German city to cancel plans to build a refugee centre – with authorities instead deciding to move nearly all refugees out of the city.

Officials in the city of Rostock said “the safety of the refugees” and “security concerns” was behind the unexpected U-turn.

The decision against a refugee centre comes amid growing tension between local Germans and the growing migrant population following a series of terror attacks in Europe in recent weeks.

In Rostock, a series of protests and attacks against refugees in the city have prompted a drastic change of mind.


The city, located in the north east of the country, had planned to establish a refugee housing centre in the local district of Gross Klein to accommodate the increase in the arrival of migrants to Germany.

But, according to the police, a group of German youths had tried to storm the building recently, fuelling fears the new arrivals would be at risk.

Rostock’s Social Affairs Minister Steffen Bockhahn said it “hurt” to make the decision but the growing anger towards refugees meant the situation was too dangerous.

On top of this, a nearby home for unaccompanied underage refugees had to be partially evacuated a week earlier amid safety concerns.

District council chairman Uwe Michaelis told local newspaper Ostee Zeitung: “I find it questionable if we allow ourselves to be dictated to by right-wingers where refugees are allowed to live and where not.

“They will consider this decision as a victory for them.”

Ulrike Seemann-Katz, from the local state refugee advisory council, agreed that the decision sent a poor signal.

She told DW: “This


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