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Teacher calls out boy for wearing anti-Hillary shirt; his response is PRICELESS


Often times young people get painted up as not having a solid head on their shoulders, what with the progressive indoctrination they have pounded into their brains by liberal educators in the public school system.

Thankfully, not every kid falls for the junk being spewed forth in modern classrooms.

Like Mason for example.

Mason wore a rather epic “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt to school and after receiving a snippy comment from one of his teachers, delivered one heck of a zinger.

According to Truth Revolt, If there ever was a mic-drop moment, this is it.

A young man by the name of Mason wore his “Hillary for Prison 2016” shirt to high school one day, which caught the attention of one of his liberal teachers. According to his father’s proud Facebook post, it’s a pro-Hillary teacher whom Mason regularly talks politics


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