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Trump’s EPIC New Anti-Clinton Ad Breaks Internet…TRUTH BOMBS Away [WATCH]

Despite the fatal Benghazi debacle, Hillary Clinton and her rabid supporters insist that she’s trustworthy on national security — especially in comparison to her “inexperienced” opponent Donald Trump.

The Trump team has fired back with a new campaign ad that addresses that very issue, and it’s going viral. This commercial simply lays out the facts, and uses Clinton’s own embarrassing words against her.

Conservative Tribune reports:

The ad kicks off with CNN functionary Wolf Blitzer enunciating the words “extremely careless” — the two words FBI Director James Comey used to describe Clinton’s treatment of classified information when he announced that the FBI would not be recommending charges against Clinton.

“Director Comey said that my answers were truthful,” Clinton is shown saying. Just afterward, a clip of Comey saying “that’s not true” before Congress — one of many times he was forced


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