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CIVIL WAR IN SWEDEN: Muslim ‘refugees’ are wreaking havoc in Sweden, setting cars ablaze for the 8th night in row


For the eighth night in a row cars have been set ablaze in Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city.

Just before midnight police were alerted of nine car fires in the city. Several cars were set ablaze, but exactly how many cars that have been consumed by fire, is still unclear. At one of the places also a garage and a waste disposal room had been set ablaze.

– It goes without saying that when you get so many reports of fires in several places at the same time, one can not arrive as quickly as one would otherwise, said police spokesperson, Anna Göransson.

Monday was the eighth night in a row that cars were being set on fire in Malmö, according to Aftonbladet.

The recent fires occur after the Malmö police on Sunday reported that there have been 70 car fires in the city since July 1. No one have been arrested for the fires.

Also in other parts of the country, cars were set ablaze the past day. On Monday night, two cars were set on fire in a garage in Stockholm. The two cars were destroyed, while most of the remaining around 50 cars in the garage only have damages from the smoke.

In Jordbro outside Stockholm seven vehicles were set ablaze at midnight, while one car burned in Södertälje.

Also in Borås, about 60 kilometers west of Gothenburg, firefighters had to put out flames when a motorcycle and two scooters were set on fire.

On Sunday, before the latest car


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