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HARVARD BOUND Pot Smoking, Twerking, Malia Obama At “Rowdy” Party Busted By Cops On Martha’s Vineyard…Barack Is “Furious” With Party Girl

The idea that Malia is embarrassing the family is laughable, given the antics of her father and mother over the past 8 miserable years…

Being caught by the press openly smoking pot and twerking at Lollapalooza were the least of Malia Obama’s problems after it was just discovered the criminal record of the thug friend she was caught hanging out with in Chicago.  Her right-hand man who was seen partying by her side and taking drags off her joint isn’t exactly the person you would want your daughter hanging out with, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem for Barack.


Radar Online, who broke the news about Malia smoking pot at Lollapalooza, has learned that the 20-year-old guy by her side in that leaked footage is rapper Taylor Bennett, who is well known by cops in Cook County, Illinois, and he is now in trouble with the law again.

The victim of the brutal attack that sparked Bennett’s legal issues was left with “bleeding on the brain,” when Bennett and a friend fled the scene. He turned himself in to police a month later, according to the police report obtained by Radar. He was charged with a felony and two misdemeanors and pleaded no contest in April 2016, in exchange for his probation.

A new story has emerged today about a party that Malia was attending on Martha’s Vineyard that was busted by the local cops.

President Obama is “furious” with daughter Malia for puffing on what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette, according to a report.

“This is the president’s worst nightmare!” said a source, who told RadarOnline that the commander in chief took executive action, confronting his daughter about her alleged antics during the family’s summer vacation. “The end of his term is in sight — and the carefully crafted image of a world-beating family is unraveling right before his eyes!”

Video first emerged of Malia


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