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Interview with captured ISIS jihadist: ‘We killed everyone who was an infidel. It’s our religion.’


He killed anyone who was an infidel. It’s his religion, he says. The religion by the Saudi and Tunisian clerics in particular. And the main aim is to spread Islam and jihad to Europe and the West. Saudi Arabia is the main source of funding for the jihad but they get donations and support from Islamic countries from around the world. Turkey would provide funding and medical care, even send doctors to help them.

Every day over a thousand Muslims arrive to join the Islamic State. They would come from Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt and the West – where tax-payers have funded their residency permits and passports to allow them to stay in their infidel countries.

Over 5 million Muslims have been allowed to migrate to Europe in the past five years before the so-called Merkel Migrant “crisis” began. Obama takes in hundreds of thousands per year.

Now they are all around us stabbing, raping, attacking, committing arson (right now major arson is burning in Portugal, Spain, California), attacking police and


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