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Mafia Warn ISIS: “Stay The F*ck Outta New York!”

It looks like the Mafia are taking on ISIS. We’ve already reported how it looks like the Bloods and Crips are uniting to fight ISIS. And now it looks as though the Sicilian Mafia are getting involved too.

Giovanni Gambino, son of the now infamous mafioso kingpin John Gambino, gave a press statement about the Mafia being ‘in a better position to protect the people of New York from the these chickensh*tIslamic State mamalukes than the feds, who don’t know their a*sses from their elbows.’


Spitting out a toothpick, the elected Mafia spokesperson shrugged and told the gathered press:

“The world is f*ckin’ dangerous today, but people living in Noo Yoik neighborhoods with Sicilian connections should feel safe, we make sure our friends and families


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