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Muslim migrans should be rounded up and thrown out by the ARMY, says top German politician

ILLEGAL immigrants should be rounded up and deported by the German army, a top politician has claimed.


Outspoken former Berlin finance senator Thilo Sarrazin demanded failed asylum seekers be thrown out of Germany “if necessary under military protection”.

Mr Sarrazin, 71, demanded fundamental changes in the law to get rid of unwanted immigrants.

He urged the status of migrants should be radically changed and branded the current system “a gateway to uncontrolled immigration”.

He also said benefits and eligibility to file lawsuits in a bid to stay should only be applicable once migrants have received legal status.

Mr Sarrazin added: “Before that, he must be legally considered as not having entered.”

Under the SPD politician’s plan rejected applicants would have “no legal status and therefore no opportunity for action before the German


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