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Obama’s Behavior Towards Israel Is Not Netanyahu’s Fault


At a conference on Wednesday held by Darkenu — a self-described “grass-roots movement of the ‎Israeli moderate majority” — former Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak ‎blasted incumbent PM Benjamin Netanyahu for endangering the country’s security. As someone ‎who turned imperiling the Jewish state into an art form, Barak ought to know better.‎

It was Barak, after all, who made grandiose offers of territory and other concessions to Palestine Liberation Organization chief ‎Yasser Arafat which, had they been accepted, would have done Israel in. It was he who exposed ‎the truth — the one the rest of us knew already — that the Palestinian terror master and Nobel Peace prize ‎laureate was ever-bent on annihilating the Jews in his vicinity. ‎

Indeed, when Barak made his final appeasement offer at Camp David in 2000, Arafat returned the ‎favor by launching a suicide-bombing war against innocent Israelis. Yet Barak proceeded to blame ‎his successors for a lack of a two-state solution.‎

And let’s not forget Barak’s hightail-it-out-of-there retreat from southern Lebanon that left a ‎vacuum for Iran to fill. Barak’s response since then is to spew more vitriol at Netanyahu than at ‎Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah.‎

But, hey, such is the manner of washed-up has-beens. To stay relevant on the think tank and ‎lecture circuit, they need something to say, and it isn’t “I’m sorry.”‎

It was thus not surprising that he devoted his talk at the Darkenu conference to what he called ‎Netanyahu’s “lack of judgment” and “fecklessness” regarding Israel’s most pressing and profound ‎security concerns by — get this — destroying the Jewish state’s crucial and previously warm ‎relationship with the United States. Yes, according to Barak, Netanyahu is a fascist who uses fear-‎mongering about “existential threats” like a nuclear Iran in order to stay in power.‎

Though Tehran’s ambitions and other issues do indeed pose some danger, Barak conceded, ‎Netanyahu has exaggerated them to the point at which the White House can no longer tolerate him. ‎You know, by doing things like warning Congress not to approve the Joint Comprehensive Plan of ‎Action, otherwise known as the Iran nuclear deal.‎

Evidence of Netanyahu’s reckless endangerment on this score, he said, lies in the poor U.S. aid ‎package and unfortunate stipulations about spending any of it on Israeli defense industries.‎

It is legitimate for rivals to attack Netanyahu politically. But not one word of Barak’s tirade was the ‎truth. In order to avoid being challenged about the many false “facts” he presented, he covered his ‎rear by claiming to be privy to “another incident [showing Netanyahu’s] failure to internalize the ‎potential of cooperation with the United States, as well as careless operational behavior, [which] led ‎to a most worrisome exposure of Israel to a key security challenge,” but “due to the matter’s ‎sensitivity,” he was not at liberty to elaborate.‎


How about we do some elaborating for him?‎

From the moment that US President Barack Obama took office, he proceeded to implement the ‎intertwined policies of “leading from behind,” reaching out


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