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WATCH – Obama Spills The Beans, Exposes Hillary’s Corruption In THIS Viral Video


Isn’t it cute how Barack H. Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton are suddenly all best buds? Now that they are set to take over the world, why shouldn’t they be, right?

Unfortunately, for all of them, video is something that is out there forever. How soon people forget Obama once ripped Hillary for the amount of money she has accepted from lobbyists, trade deals, NAFTA, protecting Wall Street, and pandering for votes!

The ONLY thing I have ever given Obama credit for since his first day in office is his orating skills.

In fact, his ability to get a crowd behind him, entertain them, and dip into their emotions is probably the ONLY reason he actually got elected.

However, in this case, he gave us fodder to crush Hillary and did not realize that almost eight years later, those words would come back to haunt him and his buddy Hillary!

Obama told the American


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