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ISIS Executes ‘Spies’ by Throwing Them in Vat of Boiling Tar


Media sources in Mosul reported particularly gruesome executions by the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) of six local citizens accused of being spies.

The six were accused of “making contact and cooperating with the security forces that belong to the central government, the forces of the (Kurdish) Peshmerga and the international coalition.”

On Sunday, an ISIS court published the verdict against Iraqi citizens sentencing them to be put them in tanks filled with boiling hot tar.

The execution took place in a central, public area next to the Mosul city hall in the al-Shura neighborhood of the city.

A civilian source in Mosul who witnessed the executions described the horrific punishment to Ara News.  “ISIS tied them up, lifted them using a hydraulic crane and lowered them into the tank filled with tar until they vanished inside the tank.

“The unusual ways of execution that members of the organization have invented


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