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Muslim prayer rooms FORCED on American businesses


I’ve been warning about this for years. You can read about it, and find tips for resisting it, in my book Stop the Islamization of America.

It is becoming increasingly difficult in this country to refuse to submit to the blasphemy laws under the sharia. These demands for accommodation are part of a very deliberate pattern to impose Islam on the secular marketplace.

A Muslim woman sued Disney. She  applied to and worked for Disney sans hijab. Subsequently, she insisted on wearing the hijab despite Disney’s dress code. Disney’s strict dress, the Disney Look, has been company policy since 1957. Disney issued this statement about the case:

“Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has a history of accommodating religious requests from cast members of all faiths. We presented Ms. Boudlal with multiple options to accommodate her religious beliefs, as well as offered her several roles that would have allowed her to wear her own hijab. Unfortunately, she rejected all of our efforts and has since refused to come to work.”

Of course she did.

Disney tried to accommodate Boudlal’s demands, even designing special headcoverings for her that went along reasonably well with the “Disney Look.” But she was unmoved. American Civil Liberties Union attorney Mark Rosenbaum revealed that the suit was all about making Disney bend to Muslim demands. He said: “You never see anyone working there wear a hijab. We want those practices changed, and want training for employees and managers. It’s about getting Disney to change its policies and practices.”

In all these cases, the company bends over backwards to accommodate these supremacist demands. But that’s always taken as a sign of weakness, and accommodation gives way to more demands.

In another case in New Jersey, a Muslim woman teamed up with the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to file



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