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Shocking moment ISIS assassins murder a ‘military chief’ in Yemen in a gangland-style drive-by shooting

  • Pictures show ISIS fanatic pointing a gun out of a car window in Yemen
  • He then shoots a man in the back of the head in gangland-style killing
  • Extremists have claimed that the victim was a colonel in city of Aden 

This is the shocking moment ISIS assassins murdered a military chief in Yemen in a gangland-style drive-by shooting.

Pictures show a fanatic pointing a gun with a silencer attachment out of the window of a car before shooting a man in the back of the head in the war-torn city of Aden, Yemen.

The victim, dressed in white, falls to the ground before the gunman fires another shot.


ISIS militants claim the images show the assassination of a colonel – though this has not yet been verified.

Yemen has for two years been gripped by a war pitting the internationally recognised government against Shi’ite rebels who control the capital, Sanaa, and are allied with forces loyal to a former president.

The country is also home



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