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“Allah Akbar”: Muslim Stabs Jewish Man in France, Media Blames Mental Illness To Cover Up Yet Another Islamic Crime in Europe


There is apparently a new mental illness in Europe. Its symptoms include shouting Allahu Akbar, attacking non-Muslims and being of Muslim origin. But it’s a mental illness that has nothing to do with Islam.

Here’s the latest act of “Nothing to do with Islam” non-terrorism.

A man wearing a traditional Jewish kippah has been injured in a knife attack in Strasbourg, but police are reportedly ruling out terrorism.

I’m reassured. Are you?

Witnesses quoted by several media said the assailant shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ prior to carrying out the attack, but Le Figaro said police in the city were refusing to confirm this detail.

Of course they were. It might give people the idea that this was terrorism. Which was already ruled out.

The attacker, reported to be around 30, approached the man outside his home in the heart of the city’s Jewish Quarter at around 11:45am on Friday.

The victim was stabbed in the abdomen, but his injuries are not life-threatening, Strasbourg’s chief rabbi Rene Gutman told AFP.

The rabbi added that the suspect had previouly attacked a member of the Jewish community in 2010.

So this is the second time he did it. And he got away with it before. And this time the authorities seem happy to let him get away with it again.

But according to BFMTV, citing sources close to the enquiry, said an anti-semitic motive has so far not been established and terrorism


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