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Hillary’s Huma Abedin: “Jews are adept at working the American political system’ aided by ‘the memory of the Holocaust’”


What a disgusting Muslima. But not surprising. Islamic Jew-hatred, it’s in the Quran.

The vile poison this “journal” was spewing under Huma Abedin’s tenure rivals ISIS and al Qaeda. And this operative has been closerthanthis with Hillary (for over a decade).

My understanding is that her name was simply listed on the masthead in that period. She did not play a role in editing at the publication,” a Clinton spokesman told the New York Post this week.

The Clinton camp is saying her name was just there on the masthead but she didn’t work there but that’s absurd. She wasn’t so famous (especially back then) that her name lent any weight to the publication. Clearly she worked there.

“EXCLUSIVE: Jews are ‘adept at working the American political system’ aided by ‘the memory of the Holocaust’ – extraordinary claim made by journal where Huma Abedin was assistant editor,” Mail Online, August 24, 2016:

Huma Abedin, Hillary’s top aide, was named as assistant editor on the masthead at the Journal of Minority Muslim Affairs for 12 years
Her mother is still editor-in-chief of the publication
In 1999 an article in it claimed that Jews are ‘adept at working the American political system of presidential democracy’,
Muslims are excluded because of ‘handicaps, rebuffs, and dirty tricks’ it said
It also claimed that many Americans have a ‘distorted and negative view’ of Islam, Muslims and Arabs
After 9/11 Abedin’s mother wrote an editorial suggesting that the U.S. bore responsibility for the attack

An Islamic journal where Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s top aide, was assistant editor published an article accusing Jews of ‘working the American political system’ – and being aided by the ‘memory of the Holocaust’.

Abedin, who is vice-chair of Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, spent 12 years as an assistant editor for Journal of Minority Muslim Affairs.

Her mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, is the journal’s editor-in-chief and has been accused of espousing the views of the Muslim Brotherhood through the publication.

Huma Abedin’s brother, Hassan, is an associate



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