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BREAKING: Obama Just Can’t Hide It Any Longer! Trump Just EXPOSED Him


his story by Paris Swade.

President Obama is a loser. He has reduced the deficit and has put America on the path toward debt reduction and financial security. WHAT AN IDIOT?!

As Politico reported, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office revealed that the deficit has skyrocketed by nearly a third. It went up from $438 billion to $590 billion. Federal spending will rise 5%. Much of the spending is spent on undeserved entitlements.

The Hill has added that “by the end of the year, the national debt is expected to reach its highest debt-to-GDP ratio since 1950.”

By 2026, the debt will reach $23 trillion – which is 85 percent of the GDP.

*** This is why we need Trump. 

We don’t have time to lose. Obama is the “spender in chief.” He expands a bunch of entitlement programs without realizing their cost.

 Welcome to Obama’s America. 

If we don’t fix this soon, there will not be an America anymore. We are losing so much money and the mainstream media won’t even show this shit, y’all

It is plain wrong. They are


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