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Leaked Video Shows Turkey Sending Floods Of Jihadis To Syria And All Hell Is About To Break Loose

By Walid Shoebat

Jarablus is on the western bank of the Euphrates river. It is the last significant town held by ISIS on Syria’s border with Turkey. After Syria cleansed the border areas from ISIS, now Turkey is rushing through Jihadis they import from all over the Sunni Muslim world into Syria as leaked videos reveal:


What you see above in the video is the daily influx of Jihadis right at the Syrian border and Turkey is sending in with them all sorts of military aid and mine clearing equipment. According to local sources, the Turkish force of military vehicles and heavy equipment accompanied with mine detection and mine removal equipment has been sent in to clear the runway for Turkey to cease control of the area. After crossing the border, Turkish soldiers moved westwards within the Syrian territory.

Sources also reported that ISIS were all unresponsive to the activity by Turkey, and just watched them go by doing their


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