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Politics: Man stabs, attempts to behead, 2 victims in Virginia. Guess what he shouted just beforehand…


‘Motives murky’

Over the weekend, a man in Roanoke County, VA, attacked a man and a woman in their home. According to police, there was no connection between the victims and the attacker, but eyewitnesses did reveal one interesting tidbit.  Before attempting to behead his intended male victim, the assailant shouted ….something.

Let’s make this multiple choice.  Which of the following things did he scream?

A: “I accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior!”
B: “I choose the middle way, for that is the path to wisdom!”
C: “By the six arms of Kali!”
D: “I can’t control my Thetan!”

Sorry, that was a trick question.  The correct answer was “E: None of the above.”

You probably know exactly what he yelled, but just in case…  As Fox reports:

According to ABC News, Farooqui had traveled to Turkey in the last year and may have tried to sneak into Syria to meet with ISIS militants.

Farooqui allegedly attacked a man and woman at an apartment complex in Roanoke, according to WDBJ-7. Both victims were seriously injured in the attack. Witnesses told authorities that Farooqi was yelling “Allah Akbar.”

Authorities believe that Farooqui may have been trying to behead the male victim, according to ABC News. Investigators said that there was no connection between Farooqui and the victims.

CBS News adds this little nugget:

A U.S. intelligence source tells CBS News Farooqui has been on the FBI’s radar for months and is believed to be self-radicalized.

That source says authorities aren’t sure whether Farooqui is an American citizen.

So, not only do we have witnesses claiming


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