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BREAKING – US Navy FIRES On Iranian Boat, Here’s What The Media WON’T Tell You:

Radical governments have NO respect for our country and our military. Barack H. Obama wants you to believe different and liberals say Obama has improved our status, not hurt it, but a recent interaction between our military and an Iranian boat offers a different tale.

Only moments ago, Fox News reported a U.S. Navy patrol ship fired shots at Iranian vessels that were harassing the boat (The USS Squall).


What the media is saying is the boats got a little too close for comfort and they needed to be scared away. That is the theme you see on about 90 percent of the outlets right now.

But, what most are not telling you is why this actually happened in the first place.

Let’s backtrack to the Navy ship and crew earlier this year that were embarrassed on a national stage by the Iranian navy.

Four of the sailors who were detained were actually reprimanded by the Navy last month (via, another little tidbit most people don’t know about.

But I digress, point being, our sailors were embarrassed, treated horribly, and the Obama Administration bent over backwards to compliment Iran on its handling of the situation, much to the outrage of millions of Americans and veterans.

Then we have the $400 million “ransom” payment Obama says was not a ransom.

All of this gives Iran a little hubris in thinking it has the upper hand, which today resulted in four boats harassing a Naval vessel.

Now we are on a verge of an international incident that very well may escalate simply because Obama doesn’t have a set!

I simply cannot imagine a country like Iran having the audacity to pull a move like this under any other President in history.

They do not fear the United States and are very confident they can do whatever they want without repercussions.

Are we on the verge of seeing more sailors on their hands and knees? Or will Obama finally sack-up and allow the


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