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During Obama’s Final Security Reporting His Lawyer Let MASSIVE Secret Slip About Obama’s Citizenship Status


If there’s one thing certain, it’s that immigration is probably the hottest topic right now. Yet, there is an equally important issue that runs side by side and it hasn’t been receiving the attention that it deserves. It is the visa process.

While being interviewed by the Washington Free Beacon, Republican Randy Forbes from the great state of Virginia spoke about all of the issues and flaws that currently plague the visa system. The United States doesn’t currently keep accountability over the 10,000,000 people that are currently here working. Basically, they just have to get a stamp on their visa and then they are allowed to stay indefinitely, which completely goes against the purpose of a Visa system.

The Honorable Forbes wasn’t done and had more to tell the Beacon: “What most Americans don’t realize is that just last year alone we issued about 10,000,000 Visas for people to come into the United States of America. That’s a very large number and we have no process set up to track these people.” He also had more to say about the criminal rates among those who take advantage of the Visa system:

“Criminal rates have been up lately already due to the influx of refugees and immigration. However, what’s not being talked about is the extremely high criminal rates among the people who come here using the Visa exploitation method.”

On top of that, the Virginia man discussed how a terrorist could easily use the Visa process to gain access into the heart of America. From there, it would be very easy to do serious damage to the American people. There is nothing wrong with wanting to come to the United States of America. It is the greatest country in the world for a reason. However, what is wrong is the idea that anyone and everyone can just hop on over and start taking advantage of the infrastructure built here without contributing a single thing.

Sadly, the Obama administration


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