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PIGS, PIGS, PIGS: A grisly video shows exactly how sweet ingredient gelatin is made

  • The graphic clip shows the process of gelatin production in reverse
  • Images include pig carcasses being stripped of their skin to create the ingredient
  • It has had more than seven million views and sparked a heated debate


A grisly new video has emerged showing exactly how gelatin – a popular ingredient in jellies and other confectionery – is made, and it’s putting people off their gummy bears.

The graphic clip shows pig carcasses being torched and stripped of their skin, which is then boiled down to create the flavourless ingredient.

Tendons, ligaments and bones are also utilised to create the substance used in many of our favourite sweet treats – from cola bottles to marshmallows. 


The video, shared by Alina Kneepkens on Facebook and titled Gelatin – the Real Story, has garnered more than seven million views in three days and sparked a heated debate.

Almost 14,000 comments have been left on the video, which shows the process of gelatin production in reverse.


From the sweet being eaten to a baleful pig staring into the camera, the video shows us all the


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