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Burkini Jihad Hoaxer: How Muslims staged the French Burkini Arrest


The now infamous “burkini” incident was a total set-up.

Burkinis on Nice beaches have been banned. It’s the law.  Boom. So why would this Muslima show up in a burkini and make sure to have the moment photographed (of course) when the cops show up. So that the poor oppressed Muslims looks like a victim. Agitprop and vile manipulation.
She knows it’s against the law now. So why go? it’s a set-up for that sympathy shot. And the enemedia lapped up this staged incident like a dying man in the desert.

The pictures — sold worldwide by an agency — are not credited. They are, however, professionally shot.The photographer was there long before the incident.

This Muslim and her photo goon squad’s disregard for the hundreds of victims of brutal Islamic attacks in Nice, Paris, Toulouse, Brussels, makes her as vicious and treacherous as the jihadis themselves. Attacking an attempt to counter the jihad threat is sedition.

File this under al Dura, Pallywood, the Syrian boy on the beach and the rest of the fiction as news enemedia churns out daily. .

I have been meaning to write up the ruse and hadn’t gotten to it. This column does a fine job of exposing the burkini hoaxer.

“‘CITIZENS SUPPORT BEACH BAN’ Provocative French writer says ‘If you’re upset by burkini cop image, you’ve have been sucked in by Islamist propaganda,” By Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, 24th August 2016 (thanks to Armaros):

A different view on the pictures of a Muslim mum being forced to take her clothes off on a French beach

THEY are the pictures that whipped the world up into a righteous fury.

One shows a woman wrapped in a DIY burkini on a beach in Nice, France, surrounded and visibly interrogated by no fewer than four armed policemen.


he 34-year-old mum was marched off by French cops and fined

The next shows the woman having to take off her tunic under the watchful eye of the cops, looming threateningly over her.

“Forced to strip”, went one headline, retweeted tens of thousands of times.

The chorus on social media was deafening. The poor woman only wanted a bit of sun and a swim, dressed



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