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Europe faces ‘spectacular’ threat as evil ISIS dishes out passports to would-be attackers

BRITAIN’s terror threat has soared as it emerged that evil Islamic State militants are dishing out fake passports to refugees, telling them to carry out attacks in Europe.


Rob Wainwright, director of intelligence-sharing organisation Europol, has warned that Europe faces a threat of “spectacular attacks” from radicalised migrants.

As abhorrent ISIS jihadis are undermined by US-led airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, the militants are said to be cranking up their efforts to convert refugees to carry out Paris-style attacks on the West.

According to Wainwright, ISIS fighters have been posing as refugees to take advantage of disenchanted immigrants staying in refugee camps in Greece and the Balkans.

Dishing out “clean” passport documents to brainwashed refugees is the deathcult’s latest terror strategy.

The taste group’s plans to convert refugees are described as a “strategic decision” by militants designed to boost morale among jihadis as they begin to lose their stronghold in the Middle East.

As ISIS preys on refugees, the terror threat has hit record highs with more than 50 counter-terror investigations now under way across the continent.

Wainwright said: “That’s going to be a long, long struggle for us to deal with the numbers involved and how we can get them back into society, plus sort out


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