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French Children Play ‘Silence Reigns’ To Prepare for Islamic Terrorism in France


Beginning in September, every school in France will organize three counter-terrorism drills per year, as part of the government’s new security measures.

The drills will focus on different safety measures depending on the location and scenario of the simulation. At least one drill of the three will focus on a scenario in which the terrorists enter the building.

Children aged 13-14 will learn basic life-saving techniques, while young children will be taught how to keep silent in a game called “le roi silence (silence reigns).”

Additionally, France is calling up 3,000 reserve gendarmes to protect schools and other educational establishments. Mobile patrols will monitor entrances and exits.

An extra €50 ($56.4) million is being allocated to local authorities for school protection.

The new anti-terror security measures are aimed at “preventing the risk of an attack and, at the


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