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ISIS pray for Trump to win because ‘it will be great for recruitment’

  • ISIS recruiters are praying for a Trump victory in November, it is reported
  • Jihadis say they back the Republican because he is good for recruitment
  • Despite her backing for the Iraq war, they say Clinton is not as good for propaganda because of her tempered rhetoric
  • Terror group Al Shabaab has previously used Trump in recruitment videos

ISIS recruiters are praying for a Donald Trump victory come November because they believe it will help draw more jihadis to their cause, it has been reported.
Analysis of known ISIS channels on anonymous messaging app Telegram reveals that Trump is the preferred presidential candidate for extremists, Foreign Affairs magazine reports.
That is despite the fact that Trump has made his hardline stance against ISIS a keystone of his campaign while blaming Clinton and Obama’s ‘failed’ policies for creating the group.

Writing in a recruitment thread on the app, one ISIS member said: ‘I ask Allah to deliver America to Trump.’

Another added: ‘The “facilitation” of Trump’s arrival in the White House must be a priority for jihadists at any cost!’

In total, the magazine spoke to 12 known members of the terrorist group, and found that Trump is by far the preferred candidate.

Interviewed about their reasons for supporting the Republican candidate, the jihadis gave three explanations.

Firstly, they believe that Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric – including ‘taking out’ the families of fighters and ‘bombing the s***’ out of Syria – plays into their vision of a world in which Islam



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