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Knife Jihad: Journalist STABBED Trying to Save Other Victims of Muslim Murderer Shouting ‘ALLAHU AKBAR’


Are we supposed to shake our heads up and down like bobbleheads when they tell us “motive unknown,” or the now well worn excuse for Islam  — “mental illness”?

All across the West. Knife jihad is becoming a daily occurrence. This latest is a trifecta hitting  Britain, Australia and France. And the Western response becomes more absurd. “Mental illness.”

The jihadi was screaming “allahu akbar” — “Allah is greater” [than your god].

“Home Hill stabbing: British journalist Tom Jackson attacked as he went to aid of Mia Ayliffe-Chung,” By Thomas Chamberlin, Kate Kyriacou, The Courier-Mail August 25, 2016:

“SELFLESS” hero Tom Jackson was stabbed in the face, head and torso trying to save murdered girl Mia Ayliffe-Chung after she fled, badly injured, into the hostel’s bathroom.

The 30-year-old British journalist remained in the Townsville Hospital last night with horrific injuries as his father Les completed a frantic dash to reach his son’s bedside.

Police have described Mr Jackson’s actions as “completely selfless”, saying he drew the attention of his ­alleged attacker by going to the aid of a dying woman.

Detectives yesterday charged French national Smail Ayad with murder, two counts of attempted murder, serious animal cruelty and 12 counts of assaulting police after he allegedly refused to answer



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