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Leaflets Call For Brits To ‘Respect’ Muslims By Not Taking Their Dogs Out in Public


Leaflets have reportedly been distributed in Manchester calling for a public ban on dogs, in order to keep the area pure for Muslims. But while some have claimed the leaflets are a hoax designed to stir up tensions, others are convinced the leaflets are being created by fundamentalist Muslims.

Residents in Manchester have taken to social media to report that they have received leaflets through their letterboxes calling on them to “have respect for us and our children” by not taking dogs out in public. “This area is home to a large Muslim community,” the leaflet advises, before explaining that dogs are considered impure in Islam.

The leaflet explains that, in a “multicultural nation”, British residents must “learn to understand and respect” the culture of Muslims living alongside them.

The leaflets are apparently being distributed by a campaign group called Public Purity, who on their website have called for the British people to “agree to some things that might make them feel uncomfortable”, in order for Muslims to feel “truly welcomed”.

The website sets out the group’s goal of a ban on dogs in all public spaces, including “restaurants, common areas and of course public transportation” to allow Muslims to remain pure. As dogs are considered to be impure by Islam, some Muslims hold they cannot be kept as pets or even touched.

“If dogs are not permitted to be present in public, Muslims could live their lives with a burden lifted from their shoulders and without having to fear being tainted with no fault of their own,” the website says, linking to a YouTube clip of an Islamic scholar explaining that it against Islam to keep a dog as a pet.

But neither the leaflet nor the website contain any contact details, nor is it clear who is behind the material, prompting claims that it has been set up by a British group intent on creating division within the community.

A local resident, Fayyaz Ali, 39 told the Manchester Evening News: “This has got to be a scam. I’m a Muslim and the Muslim law says that if you live in a country that is not Muslim, which is England, you respect the law of the land.

“The Muslim law does not apply in any different country. For example, my parents are from Pakistan. If I had a problem living here I should go back to Pakistan and live there.”

Other sceptics have tweeted that they


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