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MUSLIMS CHEER: France’s top administrative court overturns burkini ban, siding with Islam yet again

  • A French court has decided to overturn the controversial burkini ban 
  • 30 French towns announced bans on the burkini mostly on the south east
  • The Human Rights League took legal action to overturn the burkini ban 
  • Since its introduction, women wearing burkinis have been fined €38 

The controversial burkini ban has been overturned by France’s highest administrative court although one mayor insists he will ignore the ruling.

In a ruling, the court said the ban on the full-body burkini swimsuits were ‘seriously, and clearly illegal’.

Ange-Pierre Vivoni, mayor of the Corsican town of Sisco, claimed burkinis had sparked clashes between Muslim bathers and locals. He said: ‘Here the tension is very, very, very strong and I won’t withdraw it.’

The ruling will likely to set a precedent for around 30 French towns which have banned the burkini, mostly along the southeast coast.

A court in the Riviera resort of Nice upheld the Villeneuve-Loubet ban this week.

The court said in a statement the decree to ban burkinis in Villeneuve-Loubet was ‘seriously, and clearly illegally, breached the fundamental freedoms to come and go, the freedom of beliefs and individual freedom’.

Under the French legal system, temporary decisions can be handed down before the court takes more time to prepare a judgement


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