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Rare, deep-Earth tremor is detected for the first time

  • A ‘weather bomb’ storm over the North Atlantic caused deep sea waves
  • These travelled through the Earth to Japan where they were detected
  • This is the first time this type of wave has been detected by scientists
  • The findings could improve the early detection of earthquakes, they say

A rare deep-Earth tremor has been detected for the first time on the ocean floor in Japan.

Using seismic equipment, researchers have managed to trace its location to a distant and powerful storm between Greenland and Iceland.

The findings could help experts learn more about the Earth’s inner structure and improve the detection of earthquakes and oceanic storms.


The storm that caused the deep-Earth tremor was a ‘weather bomb’ that struck over the North Atlantic.

This is a small but potent storm in which pressure quickly builds, creating a more vigorous storm.

As the storm hit, groups of waves pounded the ocean floor between Greenland and Iceland.

These subtle waves run through the Earth and can be detected in distant places.

The researchers used seismic equipment at 200 sites on both land and on the seafloor in Japan to track the tremors.

Their readings showed



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