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GOOD LUCK UK: The British hating IRA is working together with ISIS to launch car bomb campaigns all over Britain

THE IRA is helping ISIS develop deadly new car bombs for an attack on mainland Britain, it was claimed today.


David McNarry, the chair of the Northern Irish branch of Ukip, revealed to a growing partnership between the two terrorist groups in Ireland which he labelled “extremely worrying.”

He said: “I’ve spoken to security people, some old timers. What they were most interested in was how ISIS was developing car bombs.”

He said the switch from the jihadis’ suicide attacks to car bombs was due to bomb-making lessons from former Provisional IRA members, known as Provos, in the Republic of Ireland.

McNarry said: “Provos never strapped body bombs to themselves. The people I spoke to were keen to stress it was very likely they had learned how to make car bombs from Provos. These were people I trust.

“Car bombs are more lethal. Suicide bombers announce themselves almost, but car bombers don’t. I know from experience, as does anybody who has lived through the terrorist activity here, that you can bomb the hell out of a city.”


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