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WATCH – Tomi Lahren Just Dropped a NUKE On Every Trump-Hating Race Baiter!


Much ado was made about some phrasing by Good Morning America co-anchor Amy Robach after she used the phrase “colored people” in a recent segment. Well, that was all it took for Tomi Lahren to go off!

During a recent Final Thoughts, Tomi stated, “She was already bowing down to political correctness with the whole segment, but then when she accidentally referred to people of color as colored people, let the crap storm begin!”

It literally took seconds for Robach to get crushed on social media as a racist.

She was called racially insensitive along with numerous people telling her how offended they were so early in the morning.

Robach, of course, issued an apology, stating, “This morning during a segment about Hollywood casting, I mistakenly said ‘colored people’ instead of ‘people of color.’ I sincerely apologize. It was a mistake and is not at all a reflection of how I feel or speak in my everyday life.”

Larhen gets it right here in that the “safe zones” we are installing across this country are so far reaching, you simply cannot say anything without offending someone over something.

Robach obviously did not have bad intent on her mind when she was discussing this topic.

It was an honest mistake made by a woman with absolutely no past of racial issues.

The problem, though, is that she is White and she upset Black people. So, now there is a big stink about it. The opposite of what happens when a Black person says something disparaging about White people today.

Look no further than NFL player Josh Norman, who is Black, calling Roger Goodell, who is White, nothing more than a “dog in suit,” via

Zero discipline, zero outrage.

This was a calculated attack against the commissioner of his league, in essence, his boss, not an innocent mistake in


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