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15 Muslims Gang Rape Young Girl Until She Turns Insane, And Then Murder Her

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Syria kidnapped a young Christian girl named Mariam, she was then given to a jihadist, a commander of the battalion “Jabhat al-Nusra” in Qusair, and he raped her. Another Muslim raped her, and she was then raped every day for 15 days, each time by a different one of these satanic thugs. The experience was so horrendous that she became literally insane. Once she was psychologically destabilized, and she lost her mind, the Muslims then took her, and coldly executed her.

This is why we started Rescue Christians, and I ask all of you, to DONATE AND SAVE CHRISTIAN LIVES.

This savage and horrendous act was justified by a Jordanian imam in Syria, who said that it is lawful to rape “any non-Sunni Syrian woman.”


Here is a video showing the immense amount of rape and sexual abuse that is taking place under the hands of these devils:



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