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Assange Narrowly Misses Assasination, They Kill His Lawyer Instead


He Had the Secrets Assange Was Protecting, And He Was Murdered Because Of It

With the November election fast approaching, Donald Trump is not the only person who stands in the way of Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have appeared to be one of the biggest threats to Hillary Clinton, and she knows it.

Monday morning it was reported that Julian Assange survived a possible assassination attempt. Early Tuesday morning, it was reported that Assange’s lawyer, John Jones was murdered in his London home. Jones has one of Julian;s most trusted confidants, and he was believed to have a copy of the documents on Hillary Clinton.

The entire situation is anything but coincidental. It is not a coincidence that Julian Assange had a potential burglar at 2am try to break into his home on Monday night, and his lawyer was murdered one week before. That is a clear pattern, and one can guess


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