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The American Jewish Mobster Who Hunted Down Nazi Sympathizers in the USA & Secured NY Harbor

Meyer Lansky Joins the War Effort

In the midst of Lansky’s many organized crime ventures, an entirely different event took precedence on the world stage: the outbreak of World War II, which the United States entered so suddenly in December of 1941. Lansky also became involved in the war effort despite his status as a gangster.

Even before the war broke out, Lansky had been an avid anti-Nazi. Lansky and his own personal gang of men put their usual “businesses” on hold and began breaking up pro-Nazi rallies held by the German-American Bund. In fact, Lansky and 14 of his associates broke into the group’s rallies, conducted violent attacks on  its members, and even chased them throughout Manhattan.

Lansky was given the opportunity to help his country, from an unlikely source. The U.S. Navy wanted the biggest names of the mob to join the fight against Germany and its American sympathizers, such as the American Bund.



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