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HIT LIST: ISIS names Pope ‘enemy number one’ for being a ‘NON-BELIEVER’

ISIS, otherwise known as Daesh, has named the leader of the Catholic Church as the ultimate foe of the bloodthirsty regime.



Pope Francis, real name Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was branded a “non-believer” by the twisted group in their monthly publication.

The 79-year-old is also accused of “defending” homosexuals, adding it is “immoral” in their article, entitled ‘in the words of the enemy’.

The barbaric troupe continued their ideological rant, criticising Pope Francis for “seeking dialogue with moderate Islam”, including Ahmed al Tayeb, an Arab preacher of the prestigious Islamic university Al Azhar in Cairo, Egypt.

The imam was labelled an “apostate” – someone who renounces religion – by ISIS, who criticised his comments on Christianity calling it “a faith of love and peace”.ISIS has previously released a video showing the end of the world and suggests they are planning an assassination of the pope.

A clip shows tanks advancing on a post-apocalyptic Rome, with a voiceover claiming Isis will take over the city, take women as slaves and destroy all crucifixes.-

ISIS has previously released a video suggesting they are planning an assassination of the Pope
The Argentinian national has previously refused warnings to wear a bullet proof vest amid threats from Daesh.He shunned the protective clothing for his Christmas message as Italian police urged the clergyman to consider his security measures following the numerous threats from the fighters. 

At the time, a Vatican spokesman previously said the Pope “is not afraid”.


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