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Danish motorists are driving in fear as Muslim ‘refugees’ are stoning cars and throwing bricks off overpasses


Denmark is shaken by a number of episodes of stones being thrown at cars from highway bridges.

Last weekend a German woman (33) was killed, after the family car was struck by a 30 kg heavy stone that was thrown from a bridge at Fyn at 04 o’clock early Sunday morning.

The woman died instantly, while her husband was critically injured. Their son (5), who sat in the back seat, escaped with minor injuries.

The incident is being investigated as a murder case by the local police.

Seven incidents so far this year

According to the Danish newspaper BT, the gruesome form of murder has now spread to several locations in the country. Danish police tell of a total of seven incidents reported so far this year – four of them in the past week. Reports show that the stones used are often between 8 and 30 kilos; therefore an outright murder weapon.

Ambulance driver Henrik Hachel is still shaken after the ambulance de drove was hit.

– We heard a huge crash and thought it was a bird or another animal that had hit us (…) But it is clear from the dent that it was a stone, as it had to be something really heavy to create that kind dent, says Hachel to BT.

Fortunately there were no patients in the ambulance.

– If it had hit just five centimeters to the side, I might have lost my friend. Or it could have gone through the sunroof and hit a patient. It’s as sick as walking into a nightclub and start shooting with a machine gun. The difference is that here they shoot with stones, says Hachel to BT.

Danish politicians are now discussing whether it is possible to secure the bridges against this type of crime. It would be a formidable task, since there are 856 bridges over Danish highways.

Not only stones used as weapons

Motorist Kenneth Schrøder experienced getting a 3 meter long log thrown down in front of the car at half past one at night. Fortunately for him, it did not hit the windshield, but he ran over it instead.

– It could have gone terribly wrong. The person or persons who did this has certainly done it on purpose and tried to hit me. For there was no one in front of me and no one behind me. They have seen the headlights


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