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Syrian refugee creates website to thank Israelis

Aboud Dandachi says the world should know about ‘the assistance given to Syrian refugees by Israeli and Jewish organizations and individuals.’


Aboud Dandachi, a Sunni Muslim from the city of Homs now living in Istanbul, has created a website dedicated to the Israeli and Jewish organizations and people helping Syrian refugees.

The website, Thank You Am Israel, highlights the humanitarian aid being given to displaced Syrians and also refutes any reasons why Israelis and Syrians should be enemies.

“As a Syrian, I am morally obligated to ensure that the goodwill that Israelis and Jews have displayed towards my people will not be overlooked nor forgotten. The day will come when the conflict in Syria will come to an end, as all things come to an end. On that day, it is imperative that Syrians reciprocate the enormous goodwill shown towards us by Israelis and the Jewish people. Whatever supposed reasons we may have had to be adversaries is dwarfed by the compassion shown to us during our darkest days, a time when we have nothing to give back except our gratitude,” writes Dandachi in a January opinion article on his site.

Dandachi, a 39-year-old high-tech project manager, says he never imagined the civil war in Syria would last five years. Dandachi left his hometown of Homs in September 2013 for Lebanon and then made his way to Turkey.

“I grew up with statements like ‘These people are your enemies. The Jews are evil.’ And then I saw that the Jews are the most humane and generous people of this era.”

In December 2015, he created a blog, Twitter account and Facebook page“in appreciation of the assistance given to Syrian refugees by Israeli and Jewish organizations and individuals.”

“I wanted to start this blog a while ago, but I was a little wary of the political climate in Turkey. But now it seems the Turks are reconciling with Israel so that gives me an opening, so to speak,” Dandachi tells ISRAEL21c on a Skype call from Istanbul. “When you’re a refugee you have to be very careful about what you say and what you do. When you’re a refugee you’re on your best behavior in your host country. You never want to offend your host country.”

The site includes news stories and opinion pieces on the global humanitarian aid being offered by Israeli and Jewish people to the Syrian people. (Am Yisrael is Hebrew


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