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WW3 RED ALERT: Kim Jong-un may launch ALL OUT ATTACK on West as they develop thousand tonne submarine

A NORTH Korean defector has warned the West that Kim Jong-un could launch a devastating nuclear attack as they bolster their submarine fleet.


Defector Kim Heung-kwang revealed the North is developing a gigantic 2,700 tonne submarine built from parts purchased from Russian vessels.

Mr Heung-kwang said: “The decision for this development was made by Kim Jong-un and his advisors, who wanted to create an environment in which the US and international society can’t easily underestimate the North’s preemptive nuclear strike capability.”

The hermit state has been building the vessel since 2009, and will be the country’s largest submarine – and could be ready by next year.

The defector said: “From the various human intelligence sources we have gathered, Pyongyang since 2009 has been developing new 3,000-ton class submarines.

“The goal is to finish the development by October, 2017.”

The enormous submarine will have the capability of loading four ballistic missiles which can be launched from the vessel.

The North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity (NKIS) – a group of dissidents of the despotic state – said a new radar system could be completed by the end of this year.

The group said: “The North, in 2008, purchased two old submarines from Russia, and their plan is to use the parts


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