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French mayor vows to continue burkini ban: “If you don’t want to live the way we do, don’t come”


Back in 2008, the French prosecuted Brigitte Bardot for offending Islam; she  has been on trial five times for insulting Muslims and “inciting racial hatred.” Bardot wrote: “I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country.”

She was right. And France has a mounting death toll to prove it. The burkini ban may only be a band-aid, but it is a step in the right direction.

Daniel Greenfield explains why the burkini ban is right:

The media has found its latest civil rights cause. It’s not the plight of Christians in Muslim countries who are being blocked from coming here as refugees because Obama’s refugee policy favors Muslims. Obama brought over 2,000 Syrians here in July. Only 15 of them were Christians.

It’s not the rising fear of an Islamic terrorist attack in Jewish synagogues. I have lately witnessed unprecedented levels of security at synagogues including guards in body armor and checkpoints. Racist Muslim violence against Jewish synagogues has been a staple of Islamic terrorism for too many years.

But instead the media has highlighted the civil rights cause of the burkini.

The “Burkini”, a portmanteau of “Burka”, the all-encompassing cloth prison inflicted on women in Afghanistan by the Taliban, and “Bikini”, was banned in France along with its parent, the Burka.

While Muslims massacre innocent people in the streets to shouts of “Allahu Akbar”, the media has once again decided to ignore these horrors in favors of broadcasting some petty Muslim grievance.

Does it matter what Muslim women wear to the beach? Arguably the government should not be getting involved in swimwear. But the clothing of Muslim women is not a personal fashion choice.

Muslim women don’t wear hijabs, burkas or any other similar garb as a fashion statement or even an expression of religious piety. Their own religion tells us exactly why they wear them.

“O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies that they may thus be distinguished and not molested.” (Koran 33:59)

It’s not about modesty. It’s not about religion. It’s about putting a “Do Not Rape” sign on Muslim women. And putting a “Free to Molest” sign on non-Muslim women.

The French mayor understands this too.

French mayor vows to continue burkini ban: “If you don’t want to live the way we do, don’t come,” by Robert Spencer:

The Daily Mail, the worst paper in the Western world, says this is an “inflammatory statement.” What is inflammatory about it, exactly? The West should admit large numbers of people who don’t want to live the



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