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SHOCK: Spy Found Dead 6 Years Ago Just Got Chilling Connection to Clintons


A British tabloid claimed Monday to be in possession of evidence that an MI6 spy found dead six years ago inside a carryall bag in his bathtub in London had before his death clandestinely obtained confidential information regarding former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Gareth Williams had obtained the guest list for an event that Clinton was slated to attend, according to The U.K. Sun, and did so while working with the United States’ National Security Agency in a joint operation.

“The Clinton diary hack came at a time when Williams’s work with America was of the most sensitive nature,” an unnamed source told The Sun. “It was a diplomatic nightmare for Sir John Sawers, the new director of MI6 at the time.”

Moreover, the tabloid paper stated that voicemail messages that Williams left for his friends and family members prior to his death were deleted immediately afterward. His apartment was also reportedly ransacked by someone intent on destroying or removing evidence, and it was steam cleaned as well.

The mysterious nature of this MI6 spy’s death has spawned a litany of conspiracy theories, the latest one being that the Clintons were somehow involved.

Adding to the mystery was the fact that the Metropolitan Police ruled the death an “accident,” despite an initial inquest concluding that it was “unnatural and likely to have been criminally mediated.”

According to Breitbart, other conspiracy theories surrounding Williams’ death include “that of a scorned ex-lover, a ‘Kremlin car’ driving past his house, and some bizarre sexual fantasies that Mr. Williams may have played out and taken too far.”

What really happened to this man? We


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