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– We have come to Denmark to kill


DENMARK: Prosecutors say 23-year-old Ibrahim Abbas, who is accused of terrorism, is behind a threat to Danes and Denmark, as well as a tribute to the Islamic State, written on a wall at the police station, reports Ekstra Bladet.

On June 7, prison staff at the police headquarters in Copenhagen noticed that one of their inmates had written a longer message on the wall of one of the prison toilets.

The message, which the prosecution believes was written by the 23-year-old Ibrahim Abbas, praises the Islamic State and swears allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State, Abu al Bakr al Baghdadi.

That is the same leader who the terrorist Omar el-Hussein swore allegiance to on Facebook, before he killed two people and shot at several others during the terrorist attack in Copenhagen in February last year.

The message begins with:

“This message is for all Danish pigs. We have come to your country for a reason. To kill all of you. We will lay your life in ruins. There will come some hungry lions that do not fear death, to kill every one of you. The Caliphate State. The Islamic State. I swear we have just started, there is no one that can hide from us.”

The 23-year-old denies that he is behind the writing on the wall. According to police, six other inmates also could have used the toilet.

Therefore, the prosecution recently examined a letter written by the 23-year-old Ibrahim Abbas to his co-defendant, 26-year-old Bhostan Hossein, to compare the handwriting.

According to an expert in writing from the National Police, there are several similarities. These include the letters A, D, G, R and S, which are very likely written by the same person.

– I look only at the writing, including letters, spacing between words and punctuation, explained the National Police expert


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